Quartz Clusters can remind you of all the incredible people and influences in your life. Hold clear quartz cluster crystals in the palm of your hand, or rest directly in front of you through meditation. By silently setting your intentions with this crystal, thereby programming it with the energy you’d like it to help you carry and amplify, you enable your dreams to be heard and acted upon. These beautiful crystals will help you to refine your concentration, reflect and repeat your intentions everyday with clear resolution.

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Please note: as our beautiful crystals are each unique in form, each crystal will vary slightly in size and clarity. Your crystal is hand selected for you and will not necessarily be the exact crystal shown in the picture above unless otherwise specified.

Each of our crystals will be sent to you in our signature packaging as featured on the homepage. Approximate size comparison of this product is shown against our packaging. The cylinder measures 82mm diameter x 109mm.