Awaken & Align - Tiny but Mighty!

Awaken & Align - Tiny but Mighty!


This beautiful piece of spirit quartz (also known as cactus quartz) Spirit Quartz / Cactus Quartz is your ultimate side-kick. Awaken your inner creative, amplify your awareness, remove creative block, inspire and uplift!

You will truly feel alive with the ever beautiful Spirit Quartz by your side. Helping to remove fear and doubt from your path, it helps to awaken your inner creative, amplifying your awareness, and encourages you to live our your spiritual quest. The ultimate crystal for enabling you to follow your dreams and live to your fullest potential.

Also known as Cactus Quartz, this divine gem is amazing for enhancing your creativity, removing creative blockages and for helping to inspire you to deliver on your dreams.

It works to align all of the chakras, which makes it the perfect companion for meditation.

Healing light energy is said to radiate from each of the tiny points of the crystal, helping with grief, difficult times in life and can help to uplift and aliven those who need an extra boost.

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